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How To Choose Keywords Before they Skyrocket in Popularity Marketing Articles | July 27 Willie McCovey Youth Jersey , 2004
Long before the days of researching phrases with the helpfulonline resources of today, the art of keywordphrase selectionwas often left just to guesswork. However, guesswork by today'shighly competit...

Long before the days of researching phrases with the helpful
online resources of today, the art of keywordphrase selection
was often left just to guesswork. However, guesswork by today's
highly competitive standards is just not good enough. So how is
it possible to select a powerful traffic-pulling phrase in this
fashion without researching it in real time? Better yet Dave Dravecky Youth Jersey , is it
possible to choose such a phrase and get positioned before it
becomes popular?

Well of course it requires some research, but in a slightly
different way. Every single day, we have a world of information
that happens all around us. With all of the focus on the Internet
these days, we need to also consider giving our attention to
other medias as well. We have television programs, we have the
news and the radio which all bring us current and upcoming
events. With the news itself Gaylord Perry Youth Jersey , there are often many ideas that can
help the SEO to really think and plan ahead for some truly unique
optimization strategies. I am talking about the potential of
developing part of your client strategy around an upcoming
newsworthy event. Of course it needs to be relevant and useful to
the target audience. It also needs to genuinely "relate".

If at first, it does not sound that exciting, let's think about
it and give you an example.

Here is a simple example.

If I were promoting a video store online right now, one of the
things that I might be doing would, would be to optimize a page
for the single search phrase "Johnny Eck." Perhaps an information
or a tribute page would work.

But wait....Who was Johnny Eck Orlando Cepeda Youth Jersey , you ask?

A way back in 1932, there was a movie by Todd Browning called
"Freaks" starring a man named Johnny Eck. The film "Freaks" was
about the fictionalized lives of physically and mentally
challenged people who, in them days, were exploited in what were
commonly called "freak shows". Johnny Eck just so happen to be
born into this world without the lower half of his body and was
just one of the "main actors" exploited in this rather unusual
film which marked the end of Todd Browning's career as a

Although you may have never heard of Johnny Eck, in over 60 years
you can count on the fact that everyone will soon know who he is.
The film "Freaks" (1932) already has a tremendous cult film
following around the world.

So why optimize a page for a film which is over 70 years old?

What many people may not be aware of Juan Marichal Youth Jersey , is that a brand new movie
based on the lives of Johnny Eckhardt is currently being
produced. The new movie has a big budget, good script, and you
can be certain that many, many people are going to plan to see
this film on it's release. There's no way to predict for certain,
but it'll probably be quite a blockbuster.

Simple Strategy: Optimize well and relate to the audience

As part of the strategy Will Clark Youth Jersey , you could prepare this optimized page
offering to sell the old movie, which is now available on video.
On the same page, I would talk about the film. I would write
about my remembrances of seeing it for the very first time. As
strange as the film is, it makes quite a statement about the how
so called "normal looking" people can be very cruel.

You could talk about the film, review it. Talk about how it made
you feel. Really try to relate to the audience. In creating the
content Deion Sanders Youth Jersey , you would write for voice, just like you were talking to
an old friend. At the same time, offer some trivia or anecdotes
about how the film was made. I would prepare the page and get it
ranked firstly for the phrase "Johnny Eck" and perhaps secondly
around the name of the old film.

The Traffic Payoff:

Usually when a new "big name" movie is released, there is always
a tremendous flurry of activity on the Internet by movie goers
who enjoy looking up information about it. When they start
searching for info on the new film and your pages come up in the
top ten, they'll also be reminded about the old film and quite
possibly want to purchase it. In this type of promotion Matt Williams Youth Jersey , don't
take the page down after the movie comes out because you may get
double waves of heavy traffic. Actually, if you're lucky the
whole routine is going to happen all over again when it's
released on video usually six to eight months later. Might there
be a third wave when it finally makes it to DVD?

Fine Tune Your Thinking:

Think along these lines, now ask yourself if there may be value
to optimizing a page around other big events that are definitely
scheduled to happen. The use of a new movie release is only one
idea, amongst hundreds of others. If you practice thinking this
way, you can develop strategies for retail Mel Ott Youth Jersey , professional clients
or even business-to-business Web sites. Newsworthy events happen
all the time.

--Do you think "the Olympics" might benefit a sporting goods
store which offers an overview of the various participants.

--Do you think that a scheduled tour of a famous rock group might
influence traffic to a music site offering a contest for free

--How might that upcoming children's film influence traffic to a
toy store?

These are only a few quick examples but learn to think laterally
about news events. Take full advantage of the media in its
entirety to bring maximum benefit to your clients. It's just a
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